Leveraging current wireless technologies is an economical way to expand your environment. Getting the most coverage in a given area requires starting with a good design; keeping in mind obstacles that may block or deflect your wireless signals.


With today’s abundance of wireless, it’s important to optimize your network to perform its best within the surrounding environment. If you have a wireless network that isn’t performing as well as you’d like or expect then it’s time to analyze and fix it.


About the only subject more important than design or performance is security. Wireless networks are typically always available and that means you need to employ the best mix of security measures to keep your data secure.


I can provide a managed wireless solution for your business that can host multiple secured networks. You could have a wireless network for your POS [point of sale] that has a higher security level than your wireless network for customers. Providing free WiFi [secured with a password still] to your customers will keep them at your business longer and keep them coming back.


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